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quick note: this course is for 18 month + babies only.
if your baby is UNDER 18 months old, go here to get our EC Easy Start Guide!
What's in this minicourse...
We've got very little time to spare...maybe you wish potty training were done for you...yesterday!

Did you know? Potty training shouldn't take longer than a month or so, and the younger you start, the easier it is.

Over three short days I'll send you 3 of my best nuggets 'o' wisdom to prepare you for potty training (or to help you decide whether now's the time for you), including:
  • a straight-forward pep talk that dispels the absurd myths that may have been holding you back
  • a succinct way to gauge potty training "readiness" to see if you can start now (you'd be surprised), and...
  • my top 5 tips for getting started without bribes or pressure.
As a bonus...
I'll also send you:
  • my popular one-page Potty Training Plan handout - a visual map of the whole potty training path
  • a fresh, new outlook on helpful potty training tips that are perfect for your situation.
If you've been fantasizing about going diaper-free...
your child is over 18 months and you are pretty much ready to go,
get my free course today.
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"I had no idea where to begin with potty training. You gave me clear direction and confidence. My 27 month old was potty trained in 5 days...including overnight! I wish I had done it much earlier. I plan to have my other daughter potty trained by 18 months!"


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