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quick note: this is our guide for 0-18 month babies only.
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What's in the guide...
Use this simple one-page guide to learn 4 of the most important aspects of starting EC with your baby, including:
  • What to look for when you do naked diaper-free observation with your baby (and how to do it)
  • 5 of the most common signals that you may not have realized your baby was making
  • The 4 low-stress "easy catches" you can start with if you just wanna try it out, and
  • 4 smart EC positions for various ages, stages, and locations.
As a bonus...
I'll also send you:
  • The same Observation Log I use with my own babies...and
  • A few more helpful EC tips that are not found in my blog or my book.
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"Andrea makes it really easy to just jump right in and start, regardless of your child's age or your time availability.

"Baby is 12 months and has been practicing EC since 3 days old. Yesterday was our first day to ditch diapers completely. We only had one miss! "


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