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Yep... there was life before diapers.

From Andrea Olson
Asheville, North Carolina

Dear mama or daddy,

Congrats on your new baby! Now what? You're surely changing endless diapers.

But did you know: your baby can be poop trained by an average of 6 months (mine were trained by 2 weeks) and out of diapers by walking?

And that this can be done smoothly, totally in alignment with the way your baby was made...perfect in every way?
Andrea Olson with baby on top hat potty

Every new parent can get their baby out of diapers by the time they're walking, even if they work, have other children, or struggle to find time for a shower.

...they just need a clear how-to.

Hello! I'm Andrea, and I've all 5 of my babies have used the toilet from birth.

All of 'em were out of diapers by walking, no potty training needed (and I did this while super-busy running 2 at-home businesses and homeschooling).

I've saved over $10,000 in diapers across my 5 babies.*

(Plus I almost never had to change a poopy diaper...that stuff belongs in the toilet! 🙌 )

But as I'll share in a moment, it wasn't easy for me like it'll be for you.

I've created a super-simple way YOU can potty your own baby, from birth to 18 months, with my best-selling elimination communication book, Go Diaper Free.

If I can do it with so many kids and so many responsibilities, you can do it too! And I'll show you how.
*Americans spend an average of $3,000 on diapers per child, and my babies were outta diapers in 1/3 the time.

Y'all, I was CLUELESS when I started pottying my first baby.

Back when I started infant potty training with my first baby, I had literally NO idea what I was doing...or whether I was doing it right!

I never wanted another mom to go thru that.

My book is super-visual, step-by-step, and pretty much dummy-proof.

I'll show you how to do elimination communication (EC) part-time and with a diaper backup...because honestly, who has the time, these days?!

You need this book because no one you know potties their baby, not all babies signal, and no other book helps you actually CATCH pees and poops in the potty, from the very first day of life if you're feelin' that.

If you can change a diaper or feed your baby, then you can totally potty your baby!'s based on the simple act of paying attention to what's already there.

You see, it's really super-simple: every baby is born with instincts, hormones, and the desire to be clean and dry. It's all about mammals and survival of the species!

You can do elimination communication with or without diapers, part-time or full-time. This practice doesn't have to be all-or-nothing.

At the very least, it's a fun exposure technique. At its best? It's a way to avoid potty training and be out of diapers by walking.

The magic works...and it has worked for all babies over all of human history (before disposable diapers were invented in 1961).

Yes, you can avoid poopy diapers + traumatic toddler toilet training, too.

This FREE Go Diaper Free book makes it easy to: 
baby on potty
  • start pottying your baby the right way, even if baby doesn't "signal"
  • create a practical potty routine that works for your lifestyle
  • ​enjoy connecting with your baby instead of spending all your time cleaning up poopy diapers
  • ​solve feeding or sleeping issues
  • ​soothe unexplained fussiness
We all know you do NOT have time to sit down and read an entire book right now 💁‍♀️

Add the AUDIOBOOK (by clicking ✅ during checkout) to make it easy to:
read it anywhere
  • learn while on the go, doing the dishes, or folding laundry
  • ​skip around to the chapter you need *right now*
  • ​learn while feeding your baby without having to hold a book in your hands, and
  • actually finish reading a book!
Add the digital format (kindle + PDF are included - again, click ✅ during checkout to upgrade to this + the audiobook) so you can start learning TODAY before your FREE paperback book is delivered to your home.

YEP, you can catch a pee in the potty TODAY by selecting this upgrade.

Oooh...and we've got 3 FREE bonuses, too, that make learning VISUAL, SIMPLE, + SUPPORTED.

You'll have to keep reading for those, though....

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This method starts EARLY, so act fast

because the window is only open from 0-18 months!

The mainstream will tell you to wait til your child is 2 or 3 years old to even START any type of potty training.

This blows my mind!

With elimination communication, you should start as soon as you find out about it, as early as birth, not later than 18 months old.

You can start in teeny tiny ways that don't even include taking your baby to the potty. It's a mindset shift we discuss in my book.

I can't tell you how many moms have told me they wish they would have started elimination communication earlier. I make it SO easy to start today.

Just fill out the form on this page and I'll send you my paperback book FOR FREE and catch your first pee TODAY!
baby in EC hold
dad pottying baby
woman pottying baby over basin
newborn over top hat potty
daddy pottying baby over toilet
mama pottying baby over toilet

I've taught over 100,000 parents how to potty their babies... whether their baby signals or not.

observing newborn
baby on potty
baby pottied over sink
dad pottying baby
twins on potty
mom pottying baby

The benefits are far more gigantic than avoiding poopy diapers!

Just a handful of things new parents have experienced from learning elimination communication from me:
  • earlier mobility
  • ​earlier communication
  • increased confidence + self-esteem
  • ​early detection of UTI and constipation
  • solved breastfeeding latch issues
  • deeper connection within family
  • ​avoided diaper rash
  • ​avoided fear of toilet

But wait, I promised I'd make pottying your baby *even more* simple for you... 😘

When You Get Your Copy Of Go Diaper Free TODAY,

You'll Also Get These 3 Bonuses For FREE!

Bonus #1 - Private Support Group Run By Our Certified Coaches

Get Unstuck When You Need It Most! 🙇‍♀️

Total Value: $297

Our online support group makes it easy to check in with a Certified Coach about whether you are on the right track, get professional feedback whenever you're stuck, and stop second-guessing yourself so you can relax into a really sweet elimination communication practice.

Get This For FREE When You Get the Go Diaper Free Book for FREE Today!

Bonus #2 - Private Video Library

Model Yourself After Someone Who
Knows What She's Doing

Total Value: $197

Our private collection of videos makes it easy to model what you're doing after someone who already knows what she's doing, visualize what elimination communication is actually supposed to look like, in real life, and hold your baby in position, plus do a handful of other things, with confidence.

Get This For FREE When You Get the Go Diaper Free Book for FREE Today!

Bonus #3 - Downloads Library

Logs, Only When You Need 'Em
(Pun Intended)💩

Total Value: $97

Our collection of printables makes it easy to print out an observation log to figure out your baby's natural timing and signals, and much more!

We'll also include the Optional Hybrid Plan for ages 12-18 months - when you're in that in-between place of "do I do elimination communication or potty train!!" This downloadable handout walks you thru a mix of elimination communication and potty training for the more advanced young toddler.

Get This For FREE When You Get the Go Diaper Free Book for FREE Today!

Yep, that's waaaay simpler.

I know, right?! This is a LOT of amazing stuff to include with one FREE book.

You're probably wondering "what's the catch?" Well, there isn't one.

I just want more people to SEE, UNDERSTAND, and DO elimination communication, so I'm giving away all these extra multimedia things, plus awesome personal support, FOR FREE for a short period of time.
100% guarantee
100% guarantee

And Here Is My Promise to You

If you don't find that this book and these bonuses make it easier for you to start elimination communication with your baby, let us know within 5 days and we'll refund your purchase, no questions asked.

But You Must Act Fast!

(because your baby is getting older by the minute 🤗 )
auntie pottying newborn baby

Here's One Last Recap Of Everything You Get FOR FREE Today When You Get My FREE Book, Go Diaper Free:

what you get

This is EVERYTHING you need to make learning elimination communication a visual, simple journey!

  • ​The Tiny Potty Training Paperback Book (Value $97)
  • ​Private Support Forum Run By Certified Coaches (Value $297)
  • Private Video Library (Value $197)
  • ​​Downloads Library (Value $97)

Total Value:  $688 

For less than a month's worth of diapers

(not to mention the $1,000s you can save in diaper expense, per child)...

Get Your Paperback Copy + All the FREE Bonuses

TODAY For Only  $97 


just pay Shipping + Handling of $9.95 in the US, $19.95 international

(add the audiobook + digital book for just $27 more during checkout)

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Again, it doesn't matter how much time you have or when you took your last shower. 🤭

If you have a baby, and you have the desire, you can go "diaper-free" this week - which actually means "free from dependence upon diapers."

We've got you completely supported. Can't wait to hear about your first catch!

Thanks again,
Andrea Olson
P.S. You know the drill. Click button. Enter address. Check-out. Get the best infant potty training book + loads of support and visual demonstrations. 👌

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*Results are not Guaranteed. These guides are not a substitute for medical advice - please consult your doctor or other medical professional if you have any questions about your baby's potty training or overall general health and wellbeing. Read our full disclaimer in the Go Diaper Free Book or on our website, below. And enjoy learning about this ancient baby potty training practice!!
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